Introducing the Yan(炎) suspension system

And the G-Series MKII!!

Meticulous Design

Skyanalog has always regarded our products as works of art, crafted with exquisite craftsmanship.

It has been 25 years since we embarked on our manufacturing journey in Jiangmen, once a small town in southern China, now the center of the Greater Bay Area.

Skyanalog P-1G
Established in 1999

China Based
Analog Manufacturer

Our team has always adhered to the idea that  audio should serve the musical art. Since 2019, we proudly introduces the G series to the world ,with the name Skyanalog. 

Started as an OEM company, with more than 20 years of research, we gradually developed our core technologies. With the ability to develop and manufacture independently, we had been OEM for many well-known brands from all over the world.

We hold the belief that excellent musical equipments are the deduction from the sounds of nature which can bring you into the beautiful realm of music, as spring breeze, relaxation and joy.

Our Recent

Award Winning Cartridges

Dedicated to achieving the goal of making extraordinary vinyl playback experiences accessible to all, we prioritize exquisite craftsmanship and unique styles, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Every Detail Count
Every Detail Counts

Skyanalog Speciality...

Precision Handmade

Our team is composed by professional designers and certificated workers. Innovation to beyond makes our products more reliable, convenient, high quality.

Top Quality

By searching and developing
our unique customized material.
We intend to generate the most
natural sound

Reliable After-Sale

After-sale& repair team has over 10 years experience of repairing High-End cartridges.
We supply only with carefully selected material for your exclusive playback experience.


What Editors Say

Comments selected from tests and reviews from online or off-line magazines.

"They are proud of what they do and are not afraid to inscribe the country of origin in large letters on the cartridges"
Holger Barske -- LP Magazine
"Speaking of the image, it appeared well structured, with clear boundaries and a good description of the position of the sound sources, the movement and the sense of depth."
Dimitris Stamatakos -- AVMENTOR
"Who would have thought that? The newcomer Skyanalog lands a big hit right away with the G-1. Thorough workmanship, first-class measurement values and impressive sound make the price seem very low."
Matthias Böde -- Stereo Magazine

Tests & Reviews