This is the next gen of vinyl playback...

Suspension System

The way to natural sound, and wonderful soundstage...

What Makes an excellent MC cartridge

The Suspension System!!!

The essence of MC cartridges is the suspension system, which is fundamentally determined by the interaction between the Spring (Piano Wire) and the Rubber Ring.

In addition, the art of damping, is essentially “matching” – ensuring that every component works in harmony. Consequently, meticulous factory-set to a specification is required to guarantee a balanced music reproduction, aligning with our commitment to audio fidelity.

We proudly named our significant suspension system breakthrough Yan(“炎”). Given its year of birth, 2024, a year symbolized by ‘Fire'(“火”) in the Chinese tradition.

Rich Information

The refined spring and damping materials aims to preserve the interact audio signal from the vinyl groove while reducing audible distortions.

Excellent Soundstage

Designed to handle a wide range of frequencies and dynamics, expansive soundstage and lifelike performance can be reproduced.


Allows an agile response to the transient signal, meanwhile preserving a clearer and more defined playback. Focusing on analytical precision, but still warm.

There is an Exceptional Spring!

Spring Elasticity can greatly affect the pickup engine movement. We dedicated 10 years into developing a new kind of Spring for Yan(“炎”).


Optimized Spring Elasticity

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State-of-the-art Soundstage and Image

Thanks to the dense air hole structure, the damper provides richer information, which is leveraged to create the most lifelike soundstage we’ve ever heard.

Minimum Phase Distortion

An accurate sound image is achieved by minimized phase distortion. Every detail from the recording can be clearly identified.

Enhanced Transient Response

Enabling more rapid energy transfer and less hysteresis, the new formula damper is more analytical, but also musically enjoyable.

Unbelievable Flat High Frequency Response

The extra-bubble damping rubber found a balanced match with the new spring that allows a high-fidelity high frequency pickup, which tames the bottleneck of traditional MC cartridges.

Works Perfectly with the Diamond Cantilever.​

We need only 1.0g tracking force!

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